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Pet sitters, dog walkers, boarding kennels, breeders, veterinarians, groomers and many other pet services can be found here on the Pet Sitting Directory! The Pet Sitting Directory may have started with only pet sitters, but quickly became popular for people looking for all types of local pet services in their area. Check out the pet service categories below to find local pet sitters, dog walkers, and other pet services on the Pet Sitting Directory...

Pet Sitters  (1131)

Dog Walkers  (174)

Pet Boarding  (313)

Horse Services  (9)

Farm Animals  (3)

Exotic Animals and Reptiles  (34)

Pooper Scooper Services  (27)

Dog Trainers  (86)

Pet Supplies & Accessories  (110)

Dog Parks  (5)

Pet Health Services  (152)

Pet Grooming Services  (211)

Animal Rescue  (4)

Pet Photographers  (7)

Pet Taxi Services  (7)

Lost Pet Recovery  (4)

Stud Services  (3)

Humane Societies  (4)

Pet Containment  (11)

Pet Sitting and Dog Walking Directory Usage

Pet Sitting Directory is available to everyone free of charge, but paid listings are available. Please be sure you perform a complete background check on any person or company you are considering to use as your pet sitter, boarding service, dog walker or any other service found anywhere on our directory.

Pet Sitting Directory Disclaimer:

Use all pet sitters, dog walkers, and other pet services listed on the Pet Sitting Directory entirely at your own risk. The pet services and products listed on The Pet Sitting Directory have NOT had any background checks or identity verification by The Pet Sitting Directory. Some pet services may have credentials through pet service organizations. The Pet Sitting Directory encourages you to check with these organizations before hiring a pet service or purchasing any products of any kind as we cannot be held responsible if a problem arises with any of the services or products listed anywhere on The Pet Sitting Directory. All advertisers' are responsible for the claims made on their Pet Sitting Directory listing.

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