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Sit Now Stay

Everyone wants a
And with Sit Now Stay, the perfect pup is just a few training sessions and some hard work away. Your dog has the loyalty and love, she just needs the discipline and the proper tools to be obedient, talented and well-rounded. Sit Now Stay offers comprehensive doggy boot camp packages to help you create a healthy relationship with your dog and to foster a happy home environment.

Benefits of Swimming Your Dog
There are many benefits to swimming your dog. Dog trainers use the pool for exercise or our dock for practice. Swimming is an excellent way to keep your dog in shape other than the usual walk around the neighborhood. The pool can also be used for playtime or stimulation as well. In the summer heat, dogs enjoy swimming as a way to cool off, just as their human companions would. Toys such as balls or rings can be fun in the pool and keep a dog entertained for hours. Another major benefit of a dog pool is for rehab. If your dog is coming back from an injury or surgery, swimming is a great way to build back muscles and practice physical therapy. Elder dogs benefit from the pool as a way of hydrotherapy to help with arthritis. Many dog trainers use the pool for these benefits.

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