Precious Pets Homecare & Organic Gourmet Dog Treats

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When your pets can’t be with you, at least they can be where they feel the most comfortable, happy, and safe: your own home. If this isn't
an option for you, I also offer pet care services for dogs, cats, birds and caged animals in my home where they will be loved and cared
for as one of my own.

I also offer all-natural healthy organic
homemade vegetarian dog treats.

Treats are wheat, corn & soy free, made with brown rice flour & the freshest ingredients. Eggs are organic from free range, humanely raised chickens. For a full treat menu, please visit my web page.

Precious Pets Homecare will care for your pets just like you would, not only with meeting their basic physical needs but their emotional and
social ones as well.

My services are offered to all domesticated, farm and some exotic animals. I have worked with a variety of animals specializing in dog, cat, horse and parrot care.

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